March 2009 - Successful Electrification of Rubber-Tyred Gantry Cranes (RTGs) by Means of Conductor Lines

The RTGs equipped with a diesel-electric-drive are used in harbours all over the world. By means of these RTGs trucks and so-called “prime movers” are loaded resp. unloaded with the containers of the container ships.

Continuously increasing fuel costs, the required time for refuelling oft he cranes, increased maintenance costs for the diesel-electric-drives with the corresponding downtimes as well as tightened environmental regulations led tot he requirements of the crane manufacturers and port operators to as far as possible replace the standard drive by a flexible power transmission.

As already realised in the past by means of motor cable reels, STEMMANN-TECHNIK now has met this demand also by the successful retrofitting of RTGs by means of conductor lines.

The advantages of the retrofitting are:

Depending on the customer’s requirements and in cooperation with the operators at the site Stemmann-Technik will find individual possible solutions to retrofit the RTGs from diesel-electric-drives to electrical power supplies by means of conductor lines or motor cable reels.