August 2006 - New Apprentices

Again also in 2006 STEMMANN-TECHNIK GmbH offers young people jobs thatare challenging and assured of a good future.
Hence 10 apprenticeship training positionshave been filled (from left to right):

1) Tim Völlink (Electronic Technician)
2) Mark Reusch (Industrial Mechanic)
3) Stephan Bütergerds (Technical Draughtsman)
4) Thomas Fröhlich (Industrial Manager)
5) Christian Herbers (Electronic Technician)
6) Jan-Hendrik Teders (Industrial Mechanic)
7) Jan Rotermann (Electronic Technician)
8) Yannick Kohla (Instrument Mechanic)
9) Tim Ringel (Machining Mechanic)
10) Andreas Exner (Industrial Mechanic)