STEMMANN Aluminium Conductor Line (SACL)

The small type conductor lines of our SACL series have a high quality aluminium housing and are designed for areas of applications with high thermal and mechanical demands.

The space-saving system provides a high level of electrical safety due to the individual insulators and ensures convenient access because of the two-piece housing. The lightweight and compact aluminium profiles offer maximum protection against accidental contact with the live components due to the narrow openings and are corrosion-resistant.

The prefabricated components enable easy installation of the entire conductor line system including the control device resp. impulse sensor for semi-automatic or fully automatic control systems.

Our SACL conductor line system is designed for amperages of up to 280 A. Regarding the application, we manufacture 4-, 5- or 7-pole models with conductor rail cross-sections of 10 - 70 mm².

Components and technical specifications

We offer our SACL series in preconfigured 4-metre lengths for centre feeders. In addition to the conductor rail, there is an extensive range of accessories at your disposal with current collecting trolleys, attachment systems for indoor and outdoor installation, etc.

Areas of application

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