Spring-driven cable reels

Spring-driven cable reels serve for an orderly winding on and of cables, hoses or ropes - mainly for cranes, stacking devices or in wastewater engineering. Driven by spiral leaf springs, they represent a cost-effective alternative to motor-driven cable reels - in particular for mobile equipment without an independent power supply.

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Cable-reels supplier

STEMMANN-TECHNIK manufactures cylindrical or spiral spring-driven cable reels in accordance with customer requirements - usually with slip ring assemblies for power and data transmission and if necessary, also as hose reels with rotary joints for different media.

TLF 123 | TLF 190 | TLF 280 | TLF 300 | TLF 400 | TLF 500 | TLF 600

Industrial spring hose reels - Made in Germany

Many other names of spring-driven cable reels are used, including industrial hose reel, spring reel, air hose reel, cable guide, diverting unit and diverting roler.

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